Your tax lawyer in Kiev

We take the solution to the problem in a complex and focused on results – efficient protection of your interests.

Preliminary consultation on any issue of interest to you – free of charge.

Answers to questions related to the creation and maintenance of business regarding tax, behavior during inspections by authorities, help in solving problems. Help on the stage of the audit, competent support of the legal position in criminal proceedings for tax offense as well.

The solution of problematic issues with the tax authorities:

High-quality protection of taxpayers’ interests at any stage. Pre-conflict issues, the appeal of decisions of tax authorities, unlocking accounts, removal of arrests.

Quality representation in courts:

The administrative and economic courts of all regions of Ukraine, the High Administrative Court of Ukraine, Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, the High Specialized Court for Civil Affairs of Ukraine, the appellate courts of Kiev, the district sudah.Vzyskanie problematic debts, help banking institutions to repay the credit.


Working with the authorities. Obtaining the necessary clarification, permits, licenses. The solution of problematic issues with regulatory bodies, prosecutor’s office and the Interior.

Work with the executive service of Ukraine:

Assistance in the opening of enforcement proceedings, the termination of the enforcement proceedings, recovery of funds and property, protection of property from unlawful infringement.